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Infinite Waters - 9 Signs You’re An Old Soul

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Underboob tats are dangerously attractive to me

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When emotions arise focus on the physical sensations that accompany them. Sensory empathy. Objectively viewing your emotions as a source of sensory input allows for a clearer understanding. Also, any sound you may hear or symbols, number sequences and thoughts you had at the ti me you noticed the signs should be noted.

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Me: “dad am i adopted?”
Dad:no, ur David. why woud anyone name you ‘Adopted’? even if we wanted to, ur name was alredy David when we adopted you

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Behemoth |

"Ben Sahar"

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11 photos that prove tigers have a softer side
July 29 is International Tiger Day, a holiday that raises awareness of their endangered status and advocates a global system for conserving their natural habitats.
While tigers are known for their striking stripes, massive size, barbed tongues, razor sharp teeth and predatory instinct, it’s also important to recognize how cute and lovable they can be. Here are just a few photos demonstrating the gentle side of these beautiful creatures.

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